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Fall in love with Fall

I know I should have posted this longgggg ago. But, the lazy bug has gotten into me, unfortunately….

Hope you aren’t getting to bored with my forever-happy-birthday-cards. The thing is, I thought I dislike wastage and I guess in this part of the world, we aren’t very much into giving cards often unless its occasion for birthdays, or Christmas. Yet, the other thing is, I haven’t been giving out Christmas cards this twenty-odd years of my life? Not a culture very much practiced by my family, very unfortunately.

Me too wished to much other themed cards, Thanksgiving, Get-Well Soon, Halloween, Christmas, and any other you can think of. I think they are beautiful and special, especially when the different collections are released. I get this urge and yet my sub-conscious told me not to end up wasting supplies… (in the sense when cards have to left in the cupboards). I guessed the only way this to maybe put the cards on sites like Etsy? But planning takes a long way, especially when I lived on one end of the Earth where buyers/interested parties are mostly on the other end…. If you do get what I mean, shipping charges and such can make a worthy product not that much of worth… if you do get what I mean again…

ANYWAYS! I thought I had made quite an achievement this time round? Making a card a little out of my usual? A square card with totally no stamping and tried using the different embellishments that I have been hiding in my craft stash …But you see, not begin quite a crafter with a large collection of supplies, I have been using my usuals aways … but, isn’t it good to see different designs using the same? I felt good with them :D


Its been ages …

A month or two since the last post, I know.

After the end of my part-time job, I supposed I should have more time crafting … but I entered the stage of dilemma. The dilemma if I should stop updating this blog & just focus on putting my images on flickr alone…Eventually I am back here, talking to myself. HA!

Anyways, in between, I had craft some cards, learning new techniques, spending more on material and what you can know of a crafter :D

My neighbour had recently gave birth to a baby girl & hence I made a card for their baby shower . ( & a card that has to feed the taste of my dear mother). Did some paper-piecing and colorings, putting the layout together.

Materials Used:
Cardstock: Baby Pink , Beige, Dark Green
Pattern Paper: Odds & Ends, Social Club (Cosmo Cricket), This & That (LilyBeeDesign), Baby Mine- Flower Die Cut (Fancy Pants Design)
Stamp: Bring on the Cake (Studio g), Life of a Party Birthday (Hero Arts & Basic Grey)
Ink: Pink and Brown  (VersaColor)
Pen: White and Silver Signo (Uni-Ball)
Colour Pencil: Faber-Castell

Next, a birthday card for my dearest sister. (Yes, birthday card again, I know). Despite the few that I have made in the past, this is of a totally different style I supposed? It is much more simpler and also one that I had great satisfaction of in completion. I’ve actually brought more coordinating pattern papers for this project, but it seems better without using them. HA.Materials Used:
Cardstock: Kraft (Brazill Basics Paper)
Pattern Paper: Wrapped 12X12 Boy Hip Hip Hooray Paper (My Minds Eye)
Stamp: Script (KaiserCraft)
Ink: Tea Dye Distress Ink  (Tim Holtz)
Letter Sticker: ABC Stickers (LilyBeeDesign)
Ribbon: American Crafts

Monster Party for a Monster Lover!

Ta-da! A monster-y card for my monster lover bff.
Alright, I shall admit the card is NOT that monster-y or even scary. But at least there are some monsters in there.
How can a birthday card be that dark and eerie? Okay, at least I didn’t like that idea. HA!
Together is a gift card for her. Oh, I forgot to mention, she’s a starbucks lover too!
Just a tiny post & off for some studying :D

Materials Used:
Cardstock: Kraft (Brazill Basics Paper), Plum (American Crafts)
Pattern Paper: UPcycle (Cosmo Cricket), This & That (LilyBeeDesign), Cherry Delicious – Spring Sprig (Sassafras)
Stamp: Monster Party DigiKit (Hero Arts), Life of a Party Birthday (Hero Arts & Basic Grey), Bake me a Cake (Lawn Fawn)
Sticker: Sophisticates – Brown & Cream (BellaBlvd)
Ink: Charcoal, Brown (VersaColor), Tea Dye Distress Ink (Tim Holtz)
Pen: White and Gold Signo (Uni-Ball)

there comes a birthday

A greeny card for a green friend. Okay, I mean, she is a green lover!
BUT! I try not to let the card be a whole of green. Like, I think a green cotton candy would look evil. HA!

Actually, I was feeling quite uneasy with this card. A feeling as if something is missing, but I don’t know what it is. I love the whole green bottom of the card actually. Using a scallop scissors for the edge and tried distressing the paper with my dear pair of scissors.
I know I know the sentiment is off-center, but i could adjust it as the 3d foam is stuck to the bottom piece of pattern paper and would tear if I force it out (actually it did a little, so I have to just let it be to prevent further damage)

Have yet to get the next card done. And so till then ….

Materials Used:
Cardstock: Straw (American Crafts), White, Pink, Green
Pattern Paper: UPcycle (Cosmo Cricket)
Stamp: Life of a Party Birthday (Hero Arts & Basic Grey), Bake me a Cake (Lawn Fawn)
Ink: Charcoal, Pink, Brown,  (VersaColor), Tea Dye Distress Ink (Tim Holtz)
Pen: White Signo (Uni-Ball)

Gone for awhile …

I’ve recently got myself a part-time job, which explains the lack of updates.

I can hardly find a proper time to craft and I guess the worse reason a crafter can get is the lack of materials!

The cost for crafting materials in this part of the world is so much more expensive and many times, its not worth it to get from the stores. Then again, while the prices online are more reasonable, the postage cost was the bomb. And, many do not provide tracking services which cause me to feel insecure in buy bulks (more worth in terms of postage).

Oh well, all the grumbling and reasons I can get. I tried using cheaper alternatives. Such as using CD cases or transparent boxes to replace acrylic blocks, make-up sponge to replace ink-blender. Well, while the make-up sponge is working fine, the alternatives for acrylic blocks are giving me problems. I can never get a good stamped image, there are always patches of unstamped images … is it the problem of the clear/cling stamp or the “block”?

If you have any good suggestions for “economical” crafting alternatives, do share alright :D

Okay, I am having a few off days this week. HOORAY! So I’ll be tidying up the blog and posting the entry of the Father’s Day card that I’ve spent over a week to complete. (Told you I have a shortage of time)

Do check out for updates and till then … Have you crafted your Father’s Day card?